The importance of translation in the world of construction

The world of construction is a sector that, on occasions, can be completely unknown to many people.However, if we take a short walk through any city, can see at every step elements that suggest that a construction company is back: cranes, work containers, tarpaulins on buildings, etc. For a project as complex as the construction of a building to succeed have involved a large number of agents: banks or financial companies, law firms of lawyers, engineers, architects and so on.

You can enumerate many tasks that arise in a process as complicated as the construction or rehabilitation of a building (preparation of the terrain to the direction of work, studies and analysis, financial studies, etc.) and on many occasions are made by different companies whose headquarters may be in different cities around the world and, certainly, with different languages and cultures. And it is here where he plays a very important role the translator.

Not only specialized translator will receive the documents for translation, they accompany each time to workers involved in this great mechanism. In these cases, the level of expertise required by the translator is, necessarily, very high. Their work is facilitated the work of all actors involved, speeding up the dialogue between the parties. Steps that can be used not only for saving in the construction process, but also, in many cases, to avoid further damage.

This type of translation requires a use and a very precise terminology. The most sought after profiles are translators with technical training as engineers, surveyors, geologists…